Nobel Laureates

 Israel's economic motor is fueled by science & technology. If the continuum on which universities rely, kindergarten-elementary school-high school, breaks down at any point, these will not survive. That is why MadaTech's success in engaging young Israelis in science, exposing them in a fascinating way, to incredible scientific developments, removing their fears and getting them to develop a love for science & technology, is so vitally important. 

Prof. Aharon Ciechanover, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (2005)





I didn't think I could do it. But, during the yearlong robotics course, I discovered that I do connect to this field and that I find it exciting...My future direction is, for sure, going to be in physics or technology. 

Sharon, 14, Ort School. Ma'alot, Program for Excelling Junior High School Girls   





We learn about all kinds of things that we don't study in school: space exploration, life beyond our planet, radiation. We do our own experiments, which makes it more interesting. I wish the program were longer, so that I could do more space research...

Sergei, 7th grade, Program for Excelling Soviet Immigrant Students from Bosmat-Mofet School, Haifa

It's very different from our regular lessons...easier to understand, because there are a lot of fun demonstrations...it makes us think more and want to ask more questions. You should participate in these MadaTech lessons, too, because they open up your mind and make you think in a different way.

Ziona, 5th grade, Gavrieli School, Haifa, Tapping Solomon's Mind Program for Ethiopian Students  

It was exciting to be exposed to new worlds and to meet leading researchers who work in scientific fields that will radically change the world. Working on projects in teams showed me the importance of collaboration and my own contribution to it. While I always thought I would study computers, now, I know I will want to pursue genetic medicine or nano-technology.

Rima Khouri, 16, Ilabun, Gifted Arab Student Program

The OlympiYeda forced us to examine the limits of our learning abilities, while moving beyond the program's competitiveness, to develop lasting friendships with like-minded kids.

Noah, 16, Jerusalem, 2008 OlympiYeda participant

The OlympiYeda was a critical milestone in my life...a formative experience; an intellectual challenge that rescued me from the shallow waters of my school and taught me how to swim in deep seas. It got me to recognize and actively exercise my abilities to grow and develop.  

Amit, 22, 2002 OlympiYeda participant 

I felt like a real scientist...it was an opportunity to get to know Israel from a totally different perspective.      

Rebecca, 16, Mount Sinai School, Mexico City, Annual Summer Workshop for Diaspora Jewish Students


...A unique, groundbreaking science program, with advanced content and innovative, hands-on instruction methods that prods students to develop inquiring minds and to engage in out-of-the-box thinking.

Orit Asayag, head, Education Administration, Acre Municipality  

American Friends & Supporters

...an inspiring world-class science museum...a major source of science enrichment for youngsters of all ages that truly makes a difference in so many students' lives.  

Mark Gelfand, Boston, sharing his views on science education with MadaTech staff, at the Gelfand Center for Model Building, Robotics & Communication

MadaTech's Lichtman-NetRix Center for Young Internet Entrepreneurs is a mind teaser that tickles youngsters' creativity and curiosity and arouses their desire to know more...with a superb range of outreach programs that promote internet technology - a "must-know" field in today's world - among young Israelis, countrywide.

Igal Lichtman, New Jersey