Leon Recanati, MadaTech chairman

Email:  lr@grg.co.il
MadaTech chairman, Leon Recanati, a leading businessman, is founder and CEO of the GlenRock Group - Israel, an investment firm which specializes in high-tech, life sciences and financial investments. Until 2003, Mr. Recanati was co-chairman and CEO of IDB Holding Corporation, one of Israel’s prime investment companies.
Leon Recanati

Eliezer Shermeister, MadaTech General Director (CEO)

Email:  elish@madatech.org.il
Brigadier General (Ret.) Eli Shermeister assumed command as General DIrector of MadaTech in 2013. Previous, he served as Chief Education Officer to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) where his main focuses included managing and overseeing The Education and Youth Corps and increasing the motivation and morale of the troops and units by introducing cultural activities into the lives of soldiers, teaching them about the country and its values, and the nature of their duties as soldiers and citizens of the state.
Eliezer Shermeister