Leon Recanati, MadaTech chairman

Email: lr@grg.co.il

MadaTech chairman, Leon Recanati, a leading businessman, is founder and CEO of the GlenRock Group - Israel, an investment firm which specializes in high-tech, life sciences and financial investments (www.grg.co.il). Until 2003, Mr. Recanati (www.leonrecanati.com) was co-chairman and CEO of IDB Holding Corporation, one of Israel's prime investment companies.

The Recanati family's broad spectrum of economic and industrial interests in Israel has its corollary in a deep-rooted and unswerving commitment to a broad range of causes and issues--initiated by the late L. Recanati, upon his emigration from Thessaloniki, Greece, to Israel, in 1935. Indeed, the Recanati name has become synonymous with philanthropy--both personal and corporate.

Leon Recanati's numerous lay positions include:

  • Founder and chairman, of Tapuach - Association for the Advancement of Information Technology, which seeks to bridge the digital divide in Israel; 
  • Vice-chairman of the Israel Cancer Association;
  • Member of the Board of Governors of Tel Aviv University, from which he received an honorary doctorate (2002), the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Hebrew University, Ben Gurion University and the Technion, from which he received an honorary doctorate (1999).
    Mr. Recanati has been a driving force behind Israeli corporate philanthropy, stimulating Israeli business people to involvement in, and support for, cultural and social causes and projects-out of a deeply-held belief that, "In today's world, one cannot be a leader in business without undertaking responsibility for bettering our society and the individuals who people it; and contributing whatever we can, to alleviate the critical problems which mark Israeli society."