Exhibitions List

Event: Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS, The Original
Date: 8 October, 2009 - 4 January, 2010
Location: Haifa, Israel

The most talked about exhibition in the world, for the first time in Israel

Event: A Matter of Chemistry

Activate exhibits that acquaint you with chemistry and its use in daily life.

Event: Dark Room
Location: Haifa, Israel

View large holograms. Get photographed. Examine varied phenomena of light.

Event: From Calculations to Computers
Location: Haifa, Israel

Crack the Binary Code. Operate enlarged models of transistors. Surf on the Internet. Learn about the development of computation instruments, from antiquity to modern times, from the simple abacus, to the sophisticated Pentium.

Event: Fly High – Aviation Exhibition
Location: Haifa

The notion of elevating oneself above the ground has intrigued and motivated people to explore a means to fly, both in myth and science. From the ancient Greek legend of Icarus's waxed wings, through Leonardo Da Vinci¹s late 15th century diagrams, to the Wright Brothers' first flight on December 17, 1903.

Event: Green Energy Exhibition
Location: Haifa, Israel

There's Enough Energy to Go Around !

Event: Leonardo da Vinci
Location: Haifa, Israel

Scientist & Engineer.
"One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself." Leonardo da Vinci

Event: Mirror, Mirror Hall
Location: Haifa, Israel

See yourself tall or short and view your image reflected thousands of times! Experience a semi-transparent mirror. Use a mechanical stroboscope and see moving images. Try to gain insight into the enigma. Witness an ever-changing kaleidoscope. Experience color reversal.

Event: Puzzles & Games
Location: Haifa, Israel

Put your mind to solving brain twisters.

Event: Smile! It's Science
Location: Haifa, Israel

It's time to get your advanced diploma in the fine arts of smiling!

Event: My green Home Exhibition
Location: Haifa, Israel

Make a world of difference.
Local actions and choices at home can have an enormous impact on global energy consumption. In My Green House exhibition, visitors can learn about the advantages of using sustainable energy in all domestic aspects, and walk away with a wealth of new ideas that they can take back to implement on their own homes.

Event: Magical Science
Location: Haifa, Israel

Magical Science Exhibition is Back on Display

Event: The Printing Press Exhibition
Location: Haifa, Israel

The printing press exhibition presents a nostalgic view of the early stages of print, bringing back to life the industry of relief printing press, invented by Johannes Gutenberg

Event: The Secrets of Life
Location: Haifa, Israel

It is what we are made of. It is our secret code. We are programmed by it. It is our inside information. It is a whole world of living.
It is the world of DNA

Event: Visual Deceptions
Location: Haifa, Israel

Detect. Capture. Discover. Expose. Reveal. Uncover. Notice. Observe. Watch. See.